Vintage Toaster Sales

Payment Shipping Fine Print

First things first: Can you feel secure purchasing from Toasters2Go?  After selling Vintage Toasters for 10+ years, I have dozens of satisfied customers and a reputation to protect.  For many years I've sold under the eBay ID toast2go and accumulated 100% POSITIVE feedback.  If you would like to view my eBay feedback CLICK HERE.

A word about power cords...  How many Vintage Toasters have we all seen that are purported to include"...the original cord..."?!  Believe me, after 30+ years of collecting, I can safely say that the TRUE "original cord" is the RARE exception.  IF REQUESTED, the Toasters2Go Toasters will be supplied with a suitable, cloth-covered power cord.  They are usually NOT the "original" power cords, but might as well be.  Which brings up the Question:  Are Toasters2Go Toasters in WORKING condition?  The answer is YES, unless specified otherwise.

A word about "CONDITION"...  As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words..."  Nearly all of the Toasters2Go Toasters are in Excellent, Museum Quality Condition...  Please look carefully at the images of each Toasters2Go Toaster to verify...  These Toasters are in "as found" condition, and HAVE NOT BEEN RE-PLATED...  You can buy with confidence, knowing that what you see is what you will receive.

Payment is to be made with Money Order or Personal Check Only.  I do not have a Paypal account and do not accept Paypal payments.  Item shipped immediately upon receipt of Money Order.  Personal Checks must clear before item can be shipped.  I will notify by email when payment arrives and when item is shipped.

Extra care is observed in packaging items for shipment.  All items are packed with newspaper and/or bubble wrap and/or plastic peanuts.  100% SAFE shipments, so far.  Still, Insurance is recommended, because accidents can happen.  Items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  If you are not in a hurry, regular First Class Mail can be a cost-saving option.  I generally avoid using UPS and FedEx [except for shipments outside of the US] because they are not as convenient and usually not as inexpensive.

All sales are final.  Please feel free to ask as many questions/request more photos, as needed.  My sincere wish is that you will feel comfortable buying from Toasters2Go and that you will be satisfied with your purchase when it arrives.  If you have expressed intent toward purchasing an item I will hold it for you, pending receipt of payment.  Payment must be received within 10 days of receipt of Toasters2Go Invoice email.  If you subsequently change your mind about purchasing, please notify me by email so that the item can be made available to another prospective buyer.  If email confirmation and payment are not received in a reasonable amount of time, item will return to inventory and will be available to other buyers.  Please, if you are not serious about purchasing or cannot accept terms listed above, I only ask that you do not waste your time and mine.


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